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This wooden topped canister is airtight and is great filled with sugar, teabags or even garlic bulbs. The top is native Finnish wood - Rowan and made by Arto Salminen.


Talvi Portly Wooden Canister

  •  H11cm x W12cm


    Stoneware clay with  food safe glaze applied.


    Probably best to hand wash. Wood has been coated with Osmo oil/wax


    The colouring on the canister is varying degrees of blue, black, brown and grey. The mark making on them is inspired from marks in the snowy landscapes of Finland.

    ‘Talvi’ is the name I’ve given to this range, and in Finnish translates as winter. Over the past 20 years I’ve visited Finland on a number of occasions and fell in love with its snowy landscapes. The silver birches, lakes, patination on the land, made from the likes of roads, fence and field boundaries intersecting through blankets of white provided inspiration for this range.