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Before setting up my studio here in the Wolds of East Yorkshire, in 2005, I  worked as an assistant to Rob Bibby at Woodnewton Pottery as well as with saltglazer Christine Pedley in La Borne, France. Opportunities have taken me to study and produce work in Finland as well as being the British participant in an international workshop in Tokoname, Japan

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I tend to incise into the surface of my pots and apply slips to form the colour and textures of the piece. Depending on which series I’m working on dictates the palette.

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Influenced by the environments I’m immersed in, I currently have 3 series of work on the go:
Grasping the Orient

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I enjoy making kitchenware and experiencing how each piece can interact and look different depending on what food stuff is placed within. And ultimately the joy that can be had from using handmade items in everyday life.