Grasping the Orient

Sitting with my host family in Japan, there in front of me was the evening meal. It consisted of about eight to ten bowls, dishes and plates each varying in colour, size, texture and form. Each one complimented the food it contained. Conscious thought had gone into the placing of foods and the choice of ceramics used. I liked the idea that I wasn’t simply eating to sustain my body, I was feeding my eyes and my mind at the same time.

With my work I aim to consciously engage the user in the activity of eating. I hope each piece complements and enhances and creates a richer experience.


Over the past 10 years I’ve visited Finland on a number of occasions and fell in love with its snowy landscapes. I think these experiences lay seeded in my head for a long time before it arrived in the form of my 'Talvi' series which translates as winter in Finnish. The silver birches, lakes, patternation on the land, made from the likes of roads, fence and field boundaries intersecting through blankets of white provided inspiration for this range.


'Landlines' is the name I've given to my latest range, inspired from the agricultural landscape around the East Yorkshire Wolds where I live. The yellow rapeseed oil fields dominating for a couple of years now early summer.

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